Cosmetology Research Report (FY2022 Research Report)

The periodical Cosmetology is a collection of research papers produced under the Cosmetology Research Grant program and is published annually.


Cosmetology Vol.30 (2022)

The synopsis of the papers published in the current issue of Cosmetology (Vol.30) can be downloaded (in PDF format).
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—Field of material and properties
No Title Author Affiliation pdf
1 Creation of Colorful Titanium Oxide Inorganic Pigments and Functional Evaluation as Cosmetic Materials Shu Yin Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University pdf File
2 Self-Assembled Nanosheet Composed of Cyclic Oligosaccharides: Drug loading and release properties and adhesion behavior Shuntaro Uenuma Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo pdf File
3 Search and functional analysis of natural plant components that improve skin aging Hitoshi Kotani Department of Immunology Shimane University Faculty of Medicine pdf File
4 Development of production systems of a powerful antioxidant hydroxytyrosol Yasuharu Satoh Division of Engineering, Hokkaido University pdf File
5 Ellipsoidal polyimide particles for UV protective agents Akiko Nakahashi Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology pdf File
6 Selective Observation of Water near Biological Membranes using Attenuated Total Reflection Raman Microscopy Takakazu Nakabayashi Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University pdf File
7 Transdermal delivery system of cytokines by calcium phosphate nanoparticles Maki Nakamura Nanomaterials Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) pdf File
8 Preparation of Polymer-deposited Nanocapsules for Cosmetic Delivery System Yuuka Fukui Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University pdf File
9 Chemical analysis of secondary metabolites of Propionibacterium acnes Katsuyoshi Matsunami Department of Pharmacognosy, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University pdf File
10 Establishment of innovative evaluation for microstructural characterization of foam formed by polyoxyethylene type nonionic surfactant Shiho Yada Nara Woman’s University pdf File
11 Characterization and application of enzyme-stable trehalose analogs derived from actinomycetes Shun-ichi Wada The Microbial Chemistry Research Foundation Institute of Microbial Chemistry pdf File
—Field of biological functioning and safety
No Title Author Affiliation pdf
12 Development of an Innovative Method for Modulating Fibrosis by Human iPS Cell-Derived Neural Crest Cells Emi Inagaki Keio University, School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology pdf File
13 Analysis on the utility of basophil activation test in the diagnosis of hair dye and cosmetics allergy and the mechanism of prurigo reaction caused by hair dye Tsukasa Ugajin Department of Dermatology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University pdf File
14 Development of new extract-materials from separation of natural products including pigments and flavors Masaki Ota Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University pdf File
15 Development of in vitro teratogenicity test method by imitating macroscopic pattern of the human embryo Kiyoshi Ohnuma Department of Science of Technology Innovation, Nagaoka University of Technology pdf File
16 Development of a screening method for the identification of molecules that can induce pseudo-allergy in skin Jiro Kitaura Atopy (Allergy) Research Center, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine pdf File
17 Verification of skin safety and examination of cosmetological effects by weak electric current of iontophoresis Kentaro Kogure Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University pdf File
18 Elucidation of the molecular basis of antioxidant effects of lactic acid bacteria Makoto Kobayashi Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba pdf File
19 Mechanisms of collagen secretion regulated by circadian rhythm Kota Saito Akita University, Graduate School of Medicine pdf File
20 Regulation mechanism of collagen XVII: elucidation by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome-wide screening Wataru Nishie Department of Dermatology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine pdf File
21 How does zinc signaling control the skin barrier functions? Toshiyuki Fukada Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima Bunri University pdf File
22 Development of an in vivo drug efficacy evaluation system and a skin infection model using an invertebrate Yasuhiko Matsumoto Meiji Pharmaceutical University pdf File
23 Elucidation of maturation and catalytic mechanisms of tyrosinase based on the crystal structure Yasuyuki Matoba Faculty of Pharmacy, Yasuda Womenʼs University pdf File
24 Development of a new method to prevent skin aging using the longest-lived and aging-resistant rodent Kyoko Miura Kumamoto University, Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Aging and Longevity Research pdf File
25 Role of sialidase in the skin and transdermal delivery technology of sialidase Akira Minami mistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Shizuoka pdf File
26 Pathological analysis of ichthyosis associate with Inherited GPI deficiency Yoshiko Murakami Research Institute for Microbial Diseases pdf File
27 Analysis of the relationship between skin keratinization and melanin pigmentation and microRNA levels in hair Ichiro Yajima Molecular and Cellular Toxicology, Department of Bioscience and Engineering, College of Systems Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology pdf File
28 Activation mechanism of photoreceptors expressed in skin tissue Hiroyuki Yamamoto Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nihon Pharmaceutical University pdf File
—General studies in the field of mind/spirit and culture
No Title Author Affiliation pdf
29 Research of nail care during cancer chemotherapy Misato Osaka RN, MSN, Certified Nurse Specialist in Oncology, Clinical Associate Professor, Oncology Nursing, St. Lukeʼs International University pdf File
30 Hair Growth Activity and Ingredient Analysis of Cactus Cell Extract Junko Shibato School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hoshi University pdf File
31 Risk scoring tool for forearm skin tears in Japanese older adults: A prospective cohort study Misako Dai Research Center for Implementation Nursing Science Initiative, Research Promotion Headquarters, Fujita Health University pdf File
32 Extraction of multipoint pulse wave and evaluation of subcutaneous hemodynamics by analysis of facial videos Akira Tanaka Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science, Fukushima University pdf File
33 Modelling facial makeup by statistical image analysis Koyo Nakamura Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University pdf File
34 Analysis of the effects of wood odor on work efficiency Eri Matsubara Department of Wood-Based Materials, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute pdf File
35 Development of innovative support system for maxillofacial prosthesis using deep learning Yuichi Mine Department of Medical System Engineering, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Hiroshima University pdf File
36 Mathematical analysis of gradation of natural teeth using a spectral imaging device Kazumichi Wakabayashi Osaka University Dental Hospital pdf File