Cosmetology Research Grants


Supporting innovative research to contribute to the progress and development of Cosmetology (cosmetic studies).
Applicable Research Fields:
 1) Materials and Properties
 2) Biological Functioning and Safety
 3) General studies (incl. seminal studies, preparatory studies) in the field of mind/spirit and culture


In general, individual researchers at universities/public research institutes are eligible for receiving grants.

Application Limit

Limited to researchers in Japanese public research institutions who are recommended by the president, dean, research institute director, representative, hospital director, etc. of the concerned institution.
Resident foreigners can apply, but the application form and report must be written in Japanese.

Grant Amount

Two million yen, one million yen, or half a million yen (in accordance with the screening committee’s ruling).

Research Period

Up to two years

Duties of the Recipient

On completion of the research, a report and grant usage specifications should be submitted; in case of a two-year research, a midterm report and midterm grant usage specification should be submitted mid first year.
All presentations based on this research at academic conferences, etc. must cite receipt of the Foundation grant.