University Course Research Grant

Purpose of subsidy

Cosmetology is a typical example of the fusion of interdisciplinary science across a variety of disciplines. Since cosmetics are consumer goods, the research results are characterized by their direct connection to peoples' daily lives.
This Grant Program provides grants to educational and research organizations in Japan that challenge important themes that many consumers expect in the field of cosmetology, i.e., strong social demand for problem solving, and work on developing advanced human resources to lead the next generation.

Grant project

Target educational research organizations such as university courses that address any of the following three areas:
・Research on preventive medicine for skin diseases
・Research on the functionality of cosmetics
・Research on makeup and QOL
New openings will not be conducted in FY 2021.
・Qualification requirements
A professor or associate professor who belongs to a graduate school, university, or affiliated research institution in Japan, who is in charge of the implementation plan and has been recommended by the director.
*Amount and duration of the grant
The maximum amount of the grant for one case is 30 million yen per year, and the period is 2 or 3 years. Grants are issued on a yearly basis during the period.